Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants Review: Doing art decoration for your home the right way


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Everyone has their own preference in doing decorations for their home where others don’t want anything in their walls since they prefer simple and clean concept. But let’s face it, adding art can really do some magic because it really gives energy and beauty to every room.

There’s a proper way to decorating a room space with art, but you might be impulsive sometimes in doing your décor that often leads to a few mistakes, this is why Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants provides some help included in the subsequent paragraphs to avoid having a bad art décor.

Other people do not like looking at art that is placed too high in a house. In putting artworks on the walls, you should first determine the right and proper hanging height of a piece against the wall. This way, its appearance will be balanced to the entirety of the wall space.

It’s only natural to always ensure appropriate scaling. Never put small pieces in a bigger space and the same goes with huge art into a smaller space. Artworks that are originally small can be put on a larger mat or a thicker frame to suit it to the size of bigger walls. But if an “out-of-scale” design is your style, then make sure that each element is out of scale too so that people will know that it is made on purpose.

Having a wall collage is also a good idea but before you drill a lot of holes in your wall, picture first its end result on your mind. And if it provides a good mood and pleasing appearance, then go for it. If you want to put different varieties, make sure to arrange everything properly. You can organize various canvases and framed arts around your house, hang beautiful tapestries or pin up quilts. Art takes any form, so it is not limited to those that can found on the walls, search for more lovely art pieces to put in your house.

Is there a negative space or blank spots in your house? As the name says, it includes nothing, just a blank space. Such space can also be left the way it is and can be just as impactful, you simply need to make it work. This can provide calmness because of its “less hectic” appearance. If you put too much art on a certain space, it might not look good anymore so plan your designs carefully first.

You can also layer your decorations to have that sophisticated-look while connecting every piece to one another. Securing each art piece with one nail is not advisable because Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants wants you to have the right hanging tools and hardware first before hanging an art piece.

You’ve been informed earlier about having art pieces in different forms, not just the ones that can be found on walls. It would be better to have various artworks in your home where you can see them at the top of a dresser or at the back of your couch. Know more about art decorating with Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants’ blog posts.


Panama Canal Cruises Now Departing Galveston Island Hotel Branch


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Panama Canal Cruises Now Departing Galveston Island Hotel Branch

Imagine stepping onto the Carnival Freedom in Galveston, and then 10 days later gazing over the historic Panama Canal from the ship’s deck or from the comfort of your stateroom. This can be done by booking a cruise through But if you’re interested, you must act quickly. There’s only one such cruise departing Galveston each year and cabins sell out quickly.

“We get quite a few inquiries each month about Panama Canal cruises from Galveston,” says Dru Walters, Cruise Agent at “When Carnival announced new itineraries with the canal, we held a small block of cabins because we knew they would go fast.”

This year’s Carnival’s Panama Canal cruise from Galveston’s cruise ship port departs October 28, taking 14 days with stops also in Montego Bay, Jamaica; Aruba; Curacao; Cartagena, Colombia; Limon, Costa Rica; and Cozumel, Mexico before returning back to Galveston. Departure dates for the following years include Oct 27, 2018 and Jan 19, 2019.

After making a few stops in the Caribbean, day 10 is the big day! It takes the ship several hours in the morning to rise through the three locks on the Caribbean side. Guests will be able to observe the gates in operation and the mules that keep the ship centered in the locks. Once through the locks, the ship will turn around in Gatun Lake, and repeat the process, passing through the locks back into the Caribbean. There are no excursions this day and guests stay onboard.

The Carnival Freedom’s sibling, the Carnival Paradise passed through the Panama Canal in March.


The Carnival Freedom was updated in 2014 to add the latest Carnival FunShip 2.0 upgrades which include Guy’s Burger Joint, the Punchliner Comedy Club, Serenity Adult-Only Retreat, Cherry on Top, RedFrog Pub, Alchemy Bar and BlueIguana Cantina, just to name a few. She became Galveston’s third permanent cruise ship in February 2015 and has a normal schedule of 7-day cruises departing Saturdays.

“Cruising is an excellent way to sample exotic destinations that may otherwise be difficult or expensive to visit directly,” says Claire Johnson, owner of “Today’s cruise ships are floating 5-star hotels complete with Broadway-style performances, delectable food and non-stop activities. If you’re a first-time cruiser or a pro, Galveston has an itinerary that will be a perfect fit.”

The Panama Canal was built from 1903–1914, started by President Theodore Roosevelt to fulfill the long-term goal of creating a way for ships to avoid sailing around South America to get between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The canal, shoreline to shoreline, is about 40 miles long. A new canal expansion project has been completed and opened last summer.

The cruise’s Caribbean stops include great shopping, access to beaches and shore excursions focusing on history, natural wonders and other locations rounding out the 14-day cruise.

For almost 20 years, has specialized in Galveston cruises, offering expert advice and great rates on cruises from Galveston. It’s a small local company located in Galveston just a few blocks from the cruise terminal. Call today to start your vacation at (409)763-8678.

Fraud Labs Pro Fraud Detection and Fraud Detection Solutions – What are the rules supported by FraudLabs Pro?


There are more than 40 rules introduced by FraudLabs Pro. Please see the summary below.

You may visit the pricing page for the number of rules available for each plan.

  1. What are the rules supported?
  • Address Validation.
  • Billing City
  • Billing Country
  • Billing Region
  • Billing ZIP Code
  • Shipping Address
  • Shipping Country
  • Visitor Region
  • Visitor ZIP Code
  1. IP Validation.
  • Distance Between Visitor City And Billing City
  • Distance Between Visitor City And Shipping City
  • ISP Usage Type
  • Visitor Country
  • Visitor IP
  1. Email Validation.
  • Email Address
  • Email Address (Domain)
  • Email Domain Age
  1. User Account Validation.
  • Login Credential
  1. Fraud Score Validation.
  • Fraud Score
  1. Credit Card Validation.
  • AVS
  • CVV
  • Card BIN Phone
  • Credit Card BIN
  • Credit Card Issuer Country
  • Credit Card Issuer Name
  • Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card Type
  1. Device Validation.
  • Device
  • Device ID
  1. Transaction Validation.
  • Department
  • Payment Mode
  • Total Amount Of A Transaction
  • Total Amount Transacted In This Profile Within The Last 24 Hours
  • Total Quantity Of A Transaction
  • Total Quantity Ordered In This Profile Within The Last 24 Hours
  • Total Transactions By Credit Card Within The Last 24 Hours
  • Total Transactions By Email Within The Last 24 Hours
  • Total Transactions By IP Address Within The Last 24 Hours
  • Total Transactions in This Profile Within The Last 24 Hours

50+ Cyber Security Online Courses You Should Know About by Heimdal Security Company



hs-Do-You-Want-to-Improve-your-Cyber-Security-levelWhen I started working in the cyber security sector, I brought along my knowledge and experience with marketing, PR and startups.

But in order to really make the most of them, I had to learn about cyber security and REALLY get to know the field.

So I designed a mission for myself:

To find the best cyber security course for beginners that was out there!

The thing is, I had no idea how difficult that would be!

You’d think that, with all the millions of results that Google provides for every search, it would be easy to find the starting point I needed! But that’s not exactly the case…

Finding the perfect cyber security training is difficult because of 3 reasons:

  1. Quality courses for beginners are rare!

There are just not enough cyber security courses for beginners out there! When you want to learn in a very organized manner (like I wanted), you need more than articles and shallow information.

  1. Technical lingo is difficult to assimilate without context.

If you can’t speak “cybersec”, you’ll have a difficult time getting stuff done.

I felt that from day one when I started out in this field.

So it took me quite some time to find the right course that would offer context and good examples that could make the professional jargon stick.

  1. Delivering information without ACTING on it is USELESS!

This is a very common mistake I’ve seen while doing my research.

If the course isn’t designed to make you ACT ON IT, you’ll just browse through the information and be left with close to nothing in the end.

That’s why we had to do homework in school. That’s why I do my best to practice what I preach on this blog.

Because I want you to save you the hassle I went through, I decided to put together the list below.


What you can expect to find in this list of cyber security courses:

  • Free or paid cyber security training resources delivered online
  • Training options for both beginners and advanced professionals
  • General and specific training possibilities, and link to help you search for a particular subject you may be interested in.

I don’t claim I’ve put together an exhaustive list, so I welcome any recommendations and additions you may find useful.

By combining our experiences, I believe we can arrive to a list that can be used along the road and passed along to those who’d like to SAVE TIME and EFFORT while trying to enhance their knowledge.

So let’s see what cyber security training options are out there and what you can complete online!

U.S. Boiler Company Report – July 2015



U.S. Boiler Company Report – July 2015

That’s right! The July issue of the USBR is packed with STEAM!

What’s in store?

  • Get up to speed with industry icon Dan Holohan’s retirement and the direction of
  • Familiarize yourself with the proper steam boiler skimming.
  • Learn the do’s & don’ts for making better sales.
  • Read about how Rich Szymanski, owner of Mialek Mechanical in Hoboken, NJ, installed a Burnham Independence steam boiler to fire the modified Arco Model K steam application.
  • Learn about the history and sheer power of harnessing steam.

CLICK HERE to read our interactive July 2015 issue of the USBR.

CLICK HERE for a low res PDF version.